In regards to the treatment of personal information such as names and addresses (hereafter referred to as “personal information”) provided by users of the official website ( / of SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD., we are aware of the importance of this personal information and as such aim to protect this personal information as outlined below, the scope of which is limited to this website. We bear no responsibility for other websites linked to from our website. Please check each website individually.

The personal information provided by users will only be used by this website for the purposes of responding to inquiries and requests from said users to this website, sending various materials, as well as other purposes listed on our website. Personal information be not be used for purposes others than those listed above without prior consent.
We do not provide personal information to any third party without prior approval from the individual concerned, excluding the following circumstances.
When prescribed by law.
When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or assets of someone and it is difficult to receive consent from the user concerned.
When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of young people and it is difficult to receive consent from the individual concerned.

Personal Information Management

Our company will manage personal information as described below.

The personal information of users is maintained in an accurate and updated form with measures taken to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, or leakage of personal information.
When entrusting the personal information of users to external parties, those business entrusted are obligated by contract not to leak or provide personal information to any other party and to manage such personal information appropriately.
In addition to obeying the Japanese laws, guidelines, as well as other rules applicable in regards to our possession of personal information, our company will also review and improve our guidelines in regards to the items listed above as appropriate.
When users access this website, the user’s access history (access log) will automatically be retained. This is used to statistically analyze how the website is utilized, and will be used to improve user-friendliness in the future. This access history will not store users’ personal information.
This website contains pages which use cookies. A cookie is data sent from the web server to the user’s browser and its content is then referenced, but it does not gather the user’s personal information. In addition, the cookie function can be turned off in the user’s browser settings.

Disclosure, Etc. of Personal Information

Our company will handle a request for the disclosure, modification, or discontinuation of usage of personal information (hereafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”) from the users themselves as described below.

Reception & Response Methods of Disclosure, Etc.
Please use the contact below to request disclosure, etc. At this time it will be confirmed that the requestor is the actual user.
Cases Where Personal Information Cannot be Disclosed
Requests for the disclosure, etc. of personal information cannot be met under the conditions established below.
When it cannot be confirmed it is the actual user.
When there is a danger of harming the life, body, assets, or other rights or interests of the actual user or a third party.
When there is a danger of it causing a considerable hindrance to the proper operation of our business.
When it would break other laws.
When there is a clear violation of the public order and morality, or it clearly offends social appropriateness.

“Complaint” Desk

Please contact the desk below for any complaints regarding our handling of personal information. Furthermore, please be aware that we are unable to take requests directly from visitors to our company.

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Privacy Policy Revisions

The contents of this privacy policy may be revised as necessary in response to revisions of laws, etc.

July 4, 2022