• Oil flavor seriesCooked taste

    Through use of the Maillard reaction, activated through heating food substances rich in sugars and amino acids, as well as data obtained by analyzing cooked materials, we design flavors suited to any applicaiton. These flavors are used in products not designed for immediate preparation, such as instant noodles and frozen food, to lend them a delicious flavor and the sense of being freshly-prepared.
    (Char sui, charcoal barbeque, etc.)

  • Oil flavor seriesRaw ingredients / materials’ taste

    We make flavors that faithfully recreate the distinctive characteristics of the original substances through application of our analysis data and the use of natural extracts. Adding these flavorings can effectively recreate, strengthen, or accent flavors—and reduce costs as well.
    (Soy sauce, miso, vegetables, etc.)

  • Enzyme-treated flavor seriesMilk, butter, etc.

    Through the use & analysis of enzymes tailored to a variety of substances, these flavors enhance the inherent taste of the original ingredients. They can also be used with frozen sweets or seasonings to provide superior flavor.

  • Extract seriesA variety of flavor additives

    We have used sampling, concentration methods, and compounding technology to offer a diverse lineup of extracts specializing in superior taste and flavor (skipjack tuna extract, Manila clam extract, crab extract, and more). We have also created a wide variety of other extracts through horizontal development of the technology.
    (Kelp, ginger, etc.)

  • Powder seriesA variety of powdered flavors, Manila clams, scallops, kelp, and more

    We offer a wide array of powders suitable for the finished form of your end product.
    (Adsorption-style powdered flavors, powdered extracts, combination seasonings, etc.)