Cosmetic fragrances provide added scent to substances other than food. At Shiono Koryo, we offer fragrances that enrich our lives in a wide variety of venues: perfume, skin care, shampoo, body wash, bath salts, fabric softener, aromatic agents, and more. We also work hard to provide health-oriented fragrances for so-called “stress companies” in response to the demand for such keywords as "natural" and "healing" in our busy modern age.

  • Real flavor

    The fragrances of fruits and beverages are faithfully recreated using fragrance substances.

  • Living flower

    We recreate the fragrances of natural flowers in a manner that provides a more authentic reproduction of the real thing. Our floral analyses include headspace analyses, solvent extraction analyses, and more.

  • Masking

    We create masking technologies that hide odors from hair-coloring agents and other substances.