Working with the development team to reproduce blueprints for the scents customers seek


HobbyDriving / Attending motor sports events

Q1. Please tell us a little about your job

A1. I manufacture taste flavorings used in processed foods and retort pouch products.

I am with the manufacturing division, which blends the raw materials that make up scents and uses their chemical reactions to create flavors and fragrances. Our company deals with food fragrances, food flavorings, aromatic fragrances, and synthetic fragrances, to name a few. My job is preparing food flavorings for processed foods, retort pouch foods, frozen foods, and other foodstuffs.
Roughly speaking, the manufacturing process involves eight steps: chemical reactions, extraction, distillation, blending, separation, filtration, refinement, and filling. The major difference between flavorings and other fields is that we use heat when creating the chemical reactions. The raw materials are heated in order to maximally bring out the fragrance and taste inherent to food.

Q2. What do you find most appealing about this job?

A2. I find it really satisfying to reproduce a full chemical blueprint.

Production work involves faithfully reproducing the fragrance blueprints that customers create. However, fragrances have a very fine balance, so there are times where things do not go as described on paper. In these cases, I discuss with the development team and clear each hurdle one at a time. This means a lot of fine and detailed work, but it is incredibly satisfying to finally reproduce the intended blueprint.

Q3. Is there anything that you found particularly difficult about this job?

A3. There are many, many different types of materials with different characteristics, and all of this has to be memorized.

Blending requires measuring out specific quantities of items, so you have to focus really intensely on what you are doing. Also, there are several hundreds of types of raw materials to use, each with different properties. They have different steam pressure, temperature parameters, et cetera, so there is lots to learn through practice.
For flavorings, we have to produce large quantities, so it cannot all be done in one pass. This requires intensive labor, so there is a physical element, too.

Q4. How do you utilize your vacation days and employee benefits?

A4. I like to drive my beloved car on days off.

I love cars, so I saved up my paycheck after joining the company and bought the foreign car of my dreams. It had been a long-held dream of mine to drive my favorite car, so this dream came true. On days off, I often take the car out for a drive somewhere. I find driving along slow country roads to be particularly relaxing.

Q5. Do you have a message for all the job-hunters out there?

A lot of looking for a job comes down to luck and good timing. There may be many cases where things don’t go to plan. You may feel stressed out and uncertain, and even despondent at times. This is not unlike the doldrums you might feel during Japan’s long rainy season. As the phrase, “from the dark clouds part blue skies” says, once you get through the tough spot, unbroken blue skies await you. Don’t get swept up in the moment or try to take the easy way out. Consider what your final goal is and work towards that. Don’t give up, and be passionate about the job hunt.

06:30breakfast, getting ready for the day
08:00arrive at the office and prepare for work
08:30work begins (inspect machinery and measuring implements, prepare products and blend)
12:00lunch (watching baseball)
12:40cooling work, preparations for the next day, filing documents
18:00leave the workplace
18:30arrive home; dinner, TV, reading, etc.
23:00bed time