Field Sales Representative

Field sales representative of Shiono Koryo can be described as a "Producer" of flavor and fragrance. Our field sales accompany with client together and make full use of their sense and imagination to create the client's bespoke flavor / fragrance, and propose our originally made flavor / fragrance with reason and story of "why we created this". We also make a sample at in-house laboratory in order to create more realistic image.

  • Our original fragrances

    We promote our original fragrances along with their development stories and evidences such as their effects and benefits. We support client requests creatively by using multiple frameworks including design thinking and persona analysis.

  • Cooperation with the development team creates high mobility

    Field sales are working together with R&D and Marketing team to proceed this series of product proposal process smoothly and quickly. Our inside sales would follow up with clients on a long-term basis and cover even for a sudden request by forming a team with the field sales representative.

  • Proposals for related products

    We offer proposals for fragrance-related products as needed. Available items include fruit juice paste treated with enzymes, fruit juice, matcha green tea, sea products extract powder, acidulants, and coloring.

Inside Sales

We place inside sales in the department to ensure establishing a long-term relationship with client and providing useful information, prompt response to a request. Same as field sales, our inside sales are available to response and give advice to inquiries or requests so that it makes easier for both existing and new clients to contact.

  • Online and by phone are both available

    Any inquiries or requests about our products and services such as sample arrangement, sample evaluation, etc. can be placed through online or directly by phone.

  • Quick response to the request

    Sharing information with relevant internal departments and respond smoothly and quickly to a sudden request even when the field sales is absence.

  • Provide the market information and introduce relevant products

    Inside sales are available to provide some information such as marketing information, introduction of relevant products about flavor / fragrance, etc. that can be useful to the sample work.

Overseas Locations

In Asian countries geographically close to Japan, it is said that preferences in fragrances and flavors are also similar. At Shiono Koryo, we use our expertise developed in Japan to provide products and services fulfilling customer needs in Asia. Especially in China and Taiwan, we have created a manufacturing factory and a research and development location, supplying products based on local tastes.

  • Taiwan

    Founded in 1965 as a subsidiary of Shiono Koryo, it is the first local Taiwanese subsidiary of a Japanese fragrance maker. It has research and development as well as sales facilities and manufactures products.

  • China

    Founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Taiwan Shiono Koryo. It has research and development as well as sales facilities and manufactures products.

  • Thailand

    Founded in 2014 as a representative office of Shiono Koryo, it began with local market research. In addition, it carries out import sales through distributors.

  • Korea

    The Seoul office opened in 1989. Since 2003, it carries out import sales through Dae Heung Corporation (distributor.)