The 200-Year Journey of SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD.

Founded in Doshomachi, Osaka in 1808, SHIONO KORYO celebrated its 200th year in business in 2008. I have used this as an opportunity to compile the history of our company; that is, the company’s 200-year journey, and the history of our main professional pursuit, which is the making of fragrances.

It can be said that the history of SHIONO KORYO is the history of the fragrance industry in Japan, as well as the history of Doshomachi. In the 10 chapters that make up this book, I tell the intertwining stories of the fragrance industry and its contemporary historical background, and detail the journey of SHIONO KORYO.

As there is no other book in which the history of fragrances is written in such detail, it is being added to the collections of major libraries throughout the country.
I would be delighted if everyone could use this book as an opportunity to feel closer to SHIONO KORYO.


Creating Fragrances, Selling Fragrances

The bumpiness of the seeds of a strawberry. The sight of pure white powdered snow as it falls. Did you know that there is a profession called “perfumer,” someone who expresses these things and more as scents?

Fragrances are used in every scene in our lives. Still, there are not many people who have a fully developed knowledge of fragrances. This is very regrettable to me, as someone who makes an occupation of fragrances. I set about working on this book for this reason, in the hope of giving people an accurate picture of the world of scents by way of the business of SHIONO KORYO.

I would be delighted if anyone who is thinking about working at a fragrance manufacturer, and of course, anyone who has an interest in fragrances, could develop a feeling of closeness to our work through this book.

For this book, I have been honored to receive the cooperation of many people. In its braille and book-on-tape editions, it is being added to the collections of braille libraries around the country. It is my hope that this book will connect everyone with the world of fragrances, and bring us all together.

Author: Syusaku SHIONO / Publisher: Diamond Business Planning