Based on our corporate philosophy, we contribute to the sustainable development of society and global environment.
We also strive for compliance and sincerely make efforts for the safe and reliable society.
Every employee understands CSR and takes responsibility for behaviors.

Organization for Promoting CSR

CSR Principles

Our executive officers and employees focus on the corporate philosophy and CSR policy.

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Additional activities and results other than the CSR principles of SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD.

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External Evaluation

External evaluations for CSR management of SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD.

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Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In order to comply with the law and to safe and high-quality products that will satisfy our customers, we maintain valid quality management systems and work to continuously improve them.

Food Safety Policy

We shall contribute to society by providing safe products that satisfy our customers.
We shall build and maintain food quality management systems and work to continuously improve them.
We shall comply with laws and regulations and with requests from our customers. In addition, we shall require legal and regulatory compliance from our suppliers.
We shall educate all our employees on our food safety policy.
We shall engage in smooth communication and respond appropriately to any and all matters related to our food safety.
In order to succeed in our food safety policy, we shall set goals for food safety and regularly review them.

Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s Environmental Policy

Environmental Idea

SHIONO KORYO KAISHA, LTD. deeply recognizes importance of environmental protection. We contribute to area, maintenance of global environment and improvement through our business activity.

Environmental Policy

We implement an environmental management system and maintain it through our business activity.
We recognize an environmental influence by our business activity, make an effort to improve environmental management system continuously for improvement of environmental performance, prevent environmental pollution.
We comply with environmental regulation, ordinance and things we have agreed.
We reconsider with following improved activity and management review due to improvement of environmental protection.
Development and offer of products considered to environment.
Protection of the biodiversity and ecosystem.
Reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Promotion of saving resource and recycling.
Reduction of disposing entrusted waste.
Proper management of chemicals.
Proper treatment of water and wastewater.
We improve environmental consciousness by letting our all employees recognize about contents of the environment policy through education and training.
We announce this policy to other companies, also.

Shiono Koryo Kaisha, Ltd.’s HALAL Policy

We respect the Islamic culture and faith, produce and sell Halal products that have been certified by Halal certification body for Muslims.

We will support the healthy and cultural diet by continuously providing Halal products that fit demands of Muslims.

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