Allocating people, goods, money, and information appropriately according to business conditions. In order to invest these business resources at the appropriate timing, our Human Resouces&General Affairs Dept. consists of Corporate Planning, Human Resources & General Affairs, Legal, Accounting, and Information Systems.

  • Business Management / Accounting

    From a medium- to long-term perspective, the Business Management Department formulates and implements growth strategies. It always conducts business closest to the management. And our Accounting, which has an overhead view of the entire company, plays a role of providing the financial and analytical information that management needs.

  • Human Resources & General Affairs

    Creating a rewarding workplace and developing a culture of openness and communication-oriented. The department also conduct recruiting and employee development activities as necessary to achieve the business objectives, and networking throughout the company to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire organization.

  • Legal

    In order for the company to be needed by society, the department encourages it to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in all internal / external activities, and promotes CSR activities to protect the safety of management. Even in a global business condition, we will continue to follow the motto of our corporate philosophy, "Sincerity-based", and the president, all employees are always be honest and fair.

  • Information Systems

    In addition to the roles of enterprise system construction, internal network operation and maintenance, and helpdesk, the department is promoting Digital Transformation (DX) in order to respond to new business environments that require current business and organizational reforms. It stands in the center of corporate activities and promotes the importance of appropriate IT knowledges and skills within the company.