1808-1907The origins of Shiono Koryo

1808Founding of Shionoya Kichibe-Shoten, a crude drug wholesaler dealing in Japanese and Chinese medicines, pearls, etc.
1816Succeeds drug trading privileges from Fukushimaya Hanbe and becomes a formal, independently-managed broker in crude drugs
1880The third-oldest kindergarten in Japan (now Aishu Kindergarten) opens in Kitahama 5-chome. Kichibe III becomes the kindergarten’s first director
1889Kichibe III serves as general director of the Osaka Druggist Wholesale and Brokerage Association
1904Founding of Osaka Doshu School of Pharmacy (now Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences). Kichibe III serves as a founding member


The Dosho-machi area of Osaka becomes a center for druggists from the mid-Edo period onward due to the authorization of local drug brokers to form a commercial guild that enjoys preferential purchasing rights for medicines. The Dosho-machi of the period is a vibrant area, an unparalleled place for young people with visions of the future.

1908-1921Developing Japan’s first domestically produced essence

1908Focusing on the future possibilities of fragrances, shifts primary business to this field
1917Establishes Housei Chemical Laboratory in Iwaya, Nada Ward, Kobe
1921Starts the manufacturing and sale of various synthetic perfumes while also perfecting domestically-produced Fan Brand essences (lemon, orange, banana) through Japan’s first integrated operations


1914. Outbreak of World War I, which engulfs Europe. Japanese fragrance companies are no longer able to import fragrances from the United Kingdom or Germany. The European trade is revived with the end of the war in 1919. Overseas products start to enter the Japanese market.

1922-1940Promotion of market development through a proactive approach

1923Develops and starts to sell strawberry, pineapple, cider, and peppermint essences
1929Foundation of Shiono Koryo Kaisha Ltd.
1933Constructs Osaka plant along the Kanzaki River in Yodogawa Ward, Osaka
1935Establishes branch office in Tokyo (establishes business office in 1961)
1937Constructs Zhudong factory in Zhudong Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan Starts management of own farm to assure self-sufficiency in fragrance ingredients
1940Starts management of plantation on Hainan Island, China. Constructs Kawanoishi factory in Kawanoishi, Ehime Prefecture


With the death of Emperor Taisho in 1926, Japan’s era name changes from Taisho to Showa. In 1929, the worldwide economic crisis of the Great Depression originates in the United States, impacting significantly on the Japanese economy. Meanwhile, in Osaka, Japan’s first full-scale terminal department store, Hankyu Hyakkaten, opens for business. Japanese dress shifts from Japanese clothing to modern Western-style clothing. 1939 marks the start of an agonizing era with the outbreak of World War II.

1941-1951Overcoming the war and starting on a new course

1941Company is renamed Shiono Chemical Co., Ltd.
1943Becomes first Japanese company to successfully synthesize polystyrene resin. Launches industrial production
1945Closure of Zhudong factory, Taiwan and Hainan plantation, China with the conclusion of the war
1947Creates company song. Lyrics by Iku Takenaka, composition by Kosaku Yamada
1951Company name is changed back to former name of Shiono Koryo Co., Ltd.


World War II ends in 1945. Shiono Koryo employees join their countrymen in the aim of reconstruction and resume normal business. In 1947, trade between Japan and Taiwan is re-established, and Shiono Koryo resumes exports to Taiwan.

1952-1976Forming the foundations for a technological Shiono

1954Closure of Kawanoishi factory
1957A gas chromatograph is introduced into Osaka factory
1962Launches research into irritant properties of fragrances and skin permeability
1965Establishes joint-venture company Shiono Koryo Kaisha in Taiwan
1969Launches AP project into synthetic meat production


The San Francisco Peace Treaty comes into force in 1952, ending the state of war between Japan and many of the Allied countries. Import restrictions in Japan are lifted, and large quantities of high-quality fragrances flood into the Japanese market from overseas. In the mid-1960s, Japanese industries all experience a period of high economic growth. Shiono Koryo’s business continues to expand further.

1977-2000Forming the foundations for a technological Shiono

1987Establishes joint-venture company FLAVOR CONSORTIUM INC., in Los Angeles, USA
1990Re-organizes Tokyo sales office into Tokyo branch. Constructs headquarters building
Cooperates with the International Garden and Greenery Exposition by supplying fragrance-production devices for the museum Strange Forest Pavilion (Matsushita Pavilion), and by supplying environment fragrances for the Inner Trip Pavilion
1995Establishes Shanghai Fangjing Flavors & Fragrances Co., Ltd. in Shanghai
1996Establishes Shiono Finesse, Ltd.


Shino Koryo is computerized in 1982 and a business management system forming an online connection between head office with the Osaka factory is built. In 1990, the International Garden and Greenery Exposition (EXPO ’90) is held in Osaka’s Tsurumi-Ryokuchi, creating a festive mood.
Shino Koryo is computerized in 1982 and a business management system forming an online connection between head office with the Osaka factory is built.

2001-A Shiono Koryo that responds flexibly to the changing times

2002Gains ISO9001 certification
2004Closure of American joint-venture company FLAVOR CONSORTIUM INC.
2006Gains ISO14001 certification. Introduces ERP system
2008Celebrates 200-year anniversary
2013Gains FSSC22000 certification
2014Opening of historical archive. Establishes representative office in Bangkok
2016Gains ISO/IEC17025 certification
Establishes KITCHIBE CO.,LTD.


In 2008, Shiono Koryo celebrates the 200th anniversary of its founding. The following year, with the aim of strengthening its high-efficiency and high-profit structure, the company implements SPI-160, a movement aiming at minimization under the banner of “Muda–Muri–Mura.” The company is approaching the next 100 years with its gaze firmly fixed on the future lying beyond its 200th anniversary.

Shiono Koryo Historical Archive

  • A look into the archive
  • Edo period druggist’s mortar used to grind medicinal ingredients
  • Hand-written musical score of company song by Kosaku Yamada
  • Illustrated fan with triple-peaked pine by Hakuho Takebe
  • Label of Japan’s first Fan Brand essence
  • Equipment used to extract aromatic components from fresh flowers

Based on the publication of Two Hundred Years of History, a volume that details the history of the company over the 200 years since its foundation, Shiono Koryo established its Historical Archive at the Osaka factory. The archive presents the panel exhibits “The History of Shiono Koryo” and “An Introduction to the Shiono Family” and reproduces the atmosphere of historical times through exhibits of tools and ingredients for crude drugs in use from the Edo period through the early years of the Meiji period. In the Experiential Corner Introducing Research and Development, guests are able to smell fragrance samples. The corner has been extremely well-received by guests. The DVD monitor presents a company promotion video and video materials.