Corporate Philosophy

We have pride in our mission to enrich the lives
of our customers through flavors and scents
that we have perfected through years of enhanced technology
and sensitivity and from a position of sincerity.

Message From The President

Shiono Koryo is a flavoring and fragrance maker that was founded in 1808 and started out as "Shionoya Kichibe Shoten", a wholesale store that handled Chinese medicine, pearls, etc. In 1907 we began to focus on flavors and fragrances, leading us to succeed in creating Japan's first domestically manufactured essence "Fan Brand Essence" in 1921. Since then we have become known for providing our customers with the "Fan Brand", a mark of the trust placed in us.

Our company handles a wide range of products from manufactured and synthesized flavorings and flavors for food and cosmetic products to final products such as vanilla essences for home use. In addition to the production of great smelling and tasting, as well as safe and reliable, products, we work hard at developing products with anti-oxidization elements and effects on psychology during menstruation, etc.

In order to actively meet demand from overseas, we have established subsidiaries in Taiwan ("Taiwan Shiono Koryo") and China ("Shanghai Fangjing Koryo") to locally produce and sell our products, and have expanded our sales network with a local office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Furthermore, we have also grown to create a separate company "Shiono Finesse" that deals with synthetic chemistry that uses flavor and fragrance synthesizing technology, and have also become a specialist maker that is entrusted with the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

It is our pleasure to provide fulfillment and fun to our customers' lives through our "scents and flavors".

At Shiono Koryo, we will continue to bring our customers the latest in-demand products that they can trust through our motto of "sincerity".

Company President
Shusaku SHIONO

"Fan Brand" is How We Run Our Business

We first registered the trademark "Fan Brand" in 1908 when we began to focus our business on fragrance ingredients. Our founder, Kichibei Shiono, likens to the "fan" to the Shiono family crest of "three pine trees facing each other". The fan is counted as a good luck charm within Japan and is synonymous with "prosperity", and as such represents our wish for our company to continue to flourish and grow... The "ever-green pine trees" that adorn the fan also represent these desires.

Furthermore, a "fan-like business" concept has existed in ports from long ago. If business is going through a period of expansion, the fan is open, and when business is stable, it should be closed. The philosophy behind this is that "one should be able to flexibly adjust business direction according to the current situation." Since then, the heads of successive generations have operated the business as a "fan-like business". We hope to be flexible as a fan so that our company may prosper. This meaning is also carried into the Shiono Koryo Fan Brand mark.


An long-established innovative company
that develops people and culture through flavors and fragrances.

Employee Philosophy

To enrich people's lives and make the better world through flavors and fragrances, Shiono Koryo never gives up challenging in all fields creatively. We are flexible to changes in the market environment, and we also try to expand the scope of our problem-solving. Our motto is to learn from our mistakes and turn them into opportunities with a sense of speed. This has been a Shiono Koryo's guiding principle and identity since its founding in 1808, and it has been applied to our business now.