A message from our recruitment manager

General Manager of General Affairs Department


Shiono Koryo was founded in 1808 as a wholesale drug company and has passed the 100 year mark since the focus of our core business was shifted to flavors and fragrances. Our company is not a manufacturer of consumer goods themselves, but rather a manufacturer that produces the aromas and flavors of products. The flavors and fragrances produced by our company give distinctive character and added value to products, and are used in a wide range of goods, including food products.

It could be said that our company's long history coincides exactly with the creation of a "fragrance culture." However, by no means has it always been smooth sailing. In these times, our management has always adopted a positive, forward-looking attitude to carve out new paths. This approach is set to become an increasing requirement in the times ahead. We hope to greatly expand the possibilities of the fragrance and flavor industry through a proactive corporate stance abundant in flexibility, and to vigorously support the further growth of the culture of fragrance.

Our company's employees form a close community. We provide an environment where each employee is free to think independently and take responsibility for their own work, as well as a place where employees can engage their curiosity and embark on challenges. We aspire to be a company where each and every employee plays an active role, and where employees have a mutual respect for one another.

Ideal Candidate
○A person who understands our company’s policy, starts to act by himself before receiving directions.
○A person who is on the look out for business chances, continues to refine his sensitivity.
○A person who takes in new technologies and thoughts, always challenges uncertain matters.
○A person who sympathizes others, values our teamwork.
○A person who reduces waste of time, always pursues efficiency of work.

Shiono's Works Map


Shiono Koryo is supported by professionals from a variety of fields,
such as Sales, Development, Production Management, and Manufacturing.

Photo Gallery

  • Headquarter building on the site where the company was founded
  • View of Osaka Headquarters
  • Panoramic view of Osaka Headquarters
  • View of manufacturing site
  • Products following inspection
  • Air-Conditioned warehouse
  • Site lined with many buildings
  • We have introduced the latest equipment
  • Fragrance bottles arranged in a line
  • View of the Flavor Development Section
  • Kanzaki River which runs alongside the factory
  • We accommodate the latest trends, including Halal certification
  • The cafeteria is housed in a pre-war building
  • Archive room documenting 200 years of history.


  • What qualifications and skills are required?

    We do not require any particular qualifications. However, a knowledge of chemistry is beneficial to those interested in Research & Development and Flavor/Fragrance Development positions, as this would appear to aid in the advancement of work. This is not a problem for those who have a desire to study to obtain the necessary knowledge upon entering the company.

  • I am a liberal arts graduate with little chemistry knowledge. Am I eligible for a sales position?

    Yes. Please acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary for your work on the job, upon entering the company.

  • After entering the company, are assignments to a specific department -- such as basic research, aroma blending, or synthesis -- chosen by individual candidates themselves?

    We will ask your preference at the time of candidate screening, however the company will decide taking into account the suitability displayed by candidates throughout post-recruitment training, etc.

  • Can candidates choose their work location?

    Generally speaking, no. However, if a preference is expressed at the time of candidate screening this will be considered.

  • How about education and training?

    After entering the company, we will conduct approximately one week of group training where you will learn basic information relating to life as a working adult and as an employee of our company. Following this, you will acquire basic knowledge about flavors and fragrances through on-the-job training within each department. Following your assignment to a specific department, we will conduct follow-up training.

  • Is each individual person given a project? Or is work carried out in teams?

    Large projects are divided among groups and then combined. Smaller individual projects are handled by one person, however the more important the project, the more people are involved.

  • How is the atmosphere within the company, and the corporate culture?

    As there is a great deal of group work, we always value communication.

  • Is there overtime work and work on holidays?

    During our busy period, there may be times when overtime and work on holidays are required.

  • Do you have a support system for maternity and childcare?

    In addition to maternity leave and childcare leave, we provide 20 days of special leave. After returning to work, you may avail of a system of shorter working hours until your child commences fourth grade of elementary school. Our company maintains a favorable working environment not only for women, but also one that allows men to participate in parenting without hesitation.